Tim Power & Studio Power


from the spoon to the city … to the landscape  to food

his background :
designers see at different scales
italian designers : carlo mollino, ettore sottsass, gio ponti

new design, anti design or new italian design…
radical architecture, social interaction, politics..

question of big and small, the culture of design
dealing with /// not giving answer to the brief … but a good design presents new questions, we are elaborating questions.
presenting or representing the good questions.

everything is the metaphor of something
A house is a reconstruction of space ans the universe . … ettore sottsass

charles eames

Power of ten

Some of all the work is working on different scales, differents levels.,
from very small, intimate objects to larger scale, on architecture level.

R. Buckminster Fuller, one a important figure who integrate science and the art
A designer is a mix between a scientist an artist …

<exemple of A spaghetti chair>

One of the big lessons he learned about italian design is about intimacy.
find a place on our territory in an initimacy level.

working in a communal part, having to work as a team.
how to work, how to communicate, … sometimes when a designer has a intuition, how to communicate ideas and metaphor to a management design level.

<exposition MUJI on a large scale exhibition>

studies on behaviors to create shops, louis vuiton, lvmh, …
metaphor between island and peninsula to propose an other type of selling desk.

don’t fight forces use them
R. Buckminster Fuller

for instance his project using the mountain metaphor, north east south and west … behaviors are different.

Koyaanisqatsi 7\\9

etc… part1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9

architecture as organization
4 types of organizations cultures :, how people work ?
shared ressource,
social networks
shared sapce
open plan

future strategic design
> horizontal design :
apple ; doing hardware and software work together.
devises and 2 peices of software : os and applications

> lightness :
japanse architecture and design , floating gardens.
naturalistic visually,  small interventions

> response ibility
X –> O barré
learn as fast as possible ressources

> Brand diversity
allowing small companies to live

> brand web … everything is connected ..species  is connected to
yoshei inaba

visual forms and infuse into back into her practices

> Integritlty land/ Cityscape
how things are made, wwhat processi is involved
territorial level,

Tools to manage design

> Learn and grow the brand DNA
> Keep informed of cultural trends
> Manage change – change is necessary
> Focus on a few things
> Create a simple ‘Big Picture’
> Declinate that big picture
> Establish priorities
> Tell real stories

So much information in a company taht the designer has to deal with … so Establish priorities
Learn to prioritize
take your simple message and declinate it

and create a real story, a real simple story.

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