MEDes Workshop – Antipasto Milano

Radio programme with European students of the MEDes during the workshop 18 – 23 march 2015.

The MEDes annual workshop took place gathered a group of about 50 students from 7 schools in Milan. The subject was the EXPO 2015 subject: Nurturing the planet in the future. Five groups of students created radio programmes. The workshop was


MEDES EuDesignRadio workshop

Thursday 19 to Monday 23 ? March 2015

Politecnico de Milano

Workshop subjectCreating a European student design radio network.

What if a radio about design was designed by designers ?

Young designers questioning design; a new way to build our future.

Challenging new design directions and issues through talks, discussions and projects.

Sharing design culture across Europe.


At the beginning of 2013, for the ENSCi – Les Ateliers open days, a group of students launched RadioTalkie, a web radio station. The radio was a great success and has continued to produce creative and imaginative programmes since then. We have since discovered that other design schools around Europe also have radio experiences – such as PoliRadio.

The EuDesignRadio project started at ENSCI – Les Ateliers in October 2014. Its aim is to extend this experience and to share it with other design schools and students in Europe in order to create a more visible network, encourage exchanges of ideas, ressources and people.

To date, an experimental studio run by Roland Cahen and a group of students have explored various radio forms on design subjects. Some of these works and previous ones will be presented during the MEDES workshop.

But our ultimate goal is to design, prepare and perform a continuous live programme during the Cumulus Conference: EuDesignRadio @ Cumulus Milan 3-7 June 2015.



Ensci-Les Ateliers

Sound studio teaching and group supervisors

Roland Cahen: Electroacoustic music composer, sound designer, professor in charge of the ENSCI sound design studio

Remi Hertrich: Sound designer trainee



Students and group supervisors

Marie Fournier: ENSCI student, RadioTalkie producer

Annelise Legaré: ENSCI student, RadioTalkie producer

Gwenolé Gasnier: ENSCI student, RadioTalkie speaker

Grégoire Schaller: ENSCI student, Radio talkie speaker

International studio and educative team ENSCI

Liz Davis – Claire Fernier

Gilles Levavasseur



Federico Carlo     Bombelli          Politecnico di Milano

Dutier                   Celine              Glasgow School of Art

Jakub                   Zahor               Glasgow School of Art

Zuzana                 Peskova           Glasgow School of Art

Hannah                Green              Glasgow School of Art

Jade                     Richardson      Glasgow School of Art

Andrea                 Taverna           Politecnico di Milano

Jeanette-Monique Juretzki      Köln International School of Design

Emma                  Zazio               Politecnico di Milano

Lena                    Clasing            University of Aveiro – DeCA

Emeric                 Martin              ENSCI – Les Ateliers

Jana                     Dreyer              Köln International School of Design

Jessica                 Triana              University of Aveiro – DeCA

Erika                     Geiger Ohlin    Konstfack

Raquel                 Santos             University of Aveiro – DeCA

Luca                    Notarfrancesco      Politecnico di Milano

Martina                Bonetti             Politecnico di Milano

Giulia                   Pitton               Politecnico di Milano

Davide                 Comuzzi          Politecnico di Milano

Thilko                   Limbeck           Köln International School of Design

Hortense               tollu                 ENSCI – Les Ateliers

Rita                      Nicolau            University of Aveiro – DeCA

Sauli                    Anetjärvi          Aalto University

Laan                    Lili-Ann            Konstfack

Stute                    Pia-Marie         Köln International School of Design

Paulo                   Pannuzzo        University of Aveiro – DeCA

Santiago              Taberna           Köln International School of Design

Laura                   Riva                 Politecnico di Milano

luisa                     felappi             Politecnico di Milano

Cinzia                  Scarsi              Politecnico di Milano

Francesco            Fontana           Politecnico di Milano

Fabio                   Faccin             Politecnico di Milano

Mirja                    Hopiavuori       Aalto University

Antonio                Canu                Politecnico di Milano

Siiri                      Lepola             Aalto University

Elisabeth              Fried                Köln International School of Design

Luca                    Bottoni             Politecnico di Milano

Ole Thomas.        Tørresen          Glasgow School of Art

Meienberg           Simon              Köln International School of Design

Lotta                    Hyvärinen        Aalto University

Marie                   Fournier           ENSCI – Les Ateliers

Annelise               Legare             ENSCI – Les Ateliers

Gasnier                Gwenole          ENSCI – Les Ateliers

Aegerter               Zoé                  ENSCI – Les Ateliers

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