An initiative from ENSCI-Les Ateliers www.ensci.com

and Radiotalkie http://www.radiotalkie.com

EuDesignRadio is a European web radio platform and network about design and creation in general

What if a radio about design was designed by designers ?
Young designers questioning design; a new way to build futures.
Challenging new design directions and issues through talks, discussions and experiences
Sharing design culture across Europe


  • Design radios do not exist on FM nor on the web yet.
  • Many Art and Design schools have their own webradio and many student designers already have a radio experience
  • Design is changing and developing in most activities of our life and new fields are emerging
  • Radio is changing to become more web-based, more digital, with fewer channels, new radio objects.
  • Webradio opens new prospects for radio practice and use. Listeners do not experience radio the way they did before


  • Creating new tools and workflows for:

– shared radio programming and social networking
– web radio practice and education platform
– easy broadcasting from portable devices
– common grid scheduling and stock management
– real time flow management systems
– web interface access to participants
– promotion of audience and communication means
– federating existing webradios and giving them a common platform

  • Designing radio programmes about and around design
  • Developing original radio formats related to public events
  • Promoting radio practice in design schools in Europe

We would like to invite young designers from other countries in Europe and student designers from other European schools to actively participate to this project. If you are interested, please get in touch with us by email 

Contact us by Email: EuDesignRadio@ensci.com